Monday, March 31, 2008

Homemade Clothes for My Littlest Girl

That's my girl. Boy, does she like to pose. She's a natural-born model. This is the skirt and shirt that I mentioned below.

She got to pick the pattern and I chose the fabric. It's a Simplicity pattern that also includes a purse, jacket, and pants.

The shirt is a pull-over style with a square neck (blocked by her hair) and the skirt is a six-gore flared pull-on with a light-pink ribbon trim that matches the lighter pink of the shirt. The daisy on the front of the skirt plays up a tiny daisy pattern on the shirt.
What's up with the sudden interest in sewing? Well, it's not so sudden. It has been an on-again-off-again type of hobby for me since graduating college. I've made clothes for myself in the past and last made clothes for the kids about four years ago so that all three girls could have matching dresses for an Easter picture. Sewing is one of the few crafts that has stood the test of time with me. I happen to like making something that I get to see being used and enjoyed.
During my nursing web reading I've come across a few great blogs that are dedicated to fabric, sewing, and other crafts. I just got inspired by them.

Here are some: Hello My Name is Heather, Anna Maria, Portabello Pixie, the Wooden Spool, angry chicken, Sis Boom Day Dreams and then you click on links to some other great blogs.
Another great thing: Bella Dia just started a blog to track kids on-line crafts, The Crafty Crow!

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