Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bitty Booties

I made this free pattern from Heather Bailey of Hello, My Name is Heather and Fresh Cuts fabric fame. Her fabric (as well as Sis Boom) was featured in the Do It Yourself magazine from Better Homes and Gardens.

I made these for a friend of mine who just had a little girl. I picked this pattern because it seemed straightforward. It was a straight forward pattern, but I had a really hard time putting these things together--and I was even able to use a short cut. You'll see that instead of stabilizing the edges of the tops of the shoes with stitching or ribbon, I have a stitched down seam. This is actually because I used a really cute pair of cordoruys that my youngest daughter used to have. They had a decorative seam running down the front of the leg and I centered the top of the pattern on that seam and just opened it up where a split is required.

For reinforcing the open-end of the seam, I used some ribbon folded into a triangle (glued to help hold it together while I sewed it down). I decided to make that a decorative element. I like how the ribs of the ribbon echo the cordoruy wale.

Making these shoes took forever. The seam allowance is so tiny that I ended up hand-stitching a number of holes closed. I will probably just hand-stitch the next pair. I also had a hard time with easing of the toe-box. It turns out that my brilliant idea of using a seamed top peice meant that it was too thick to ease through the front of the toe.

After I was finished with the shoes I was not going to embellish them at all--I just want to be done! But, when I took a few days rest and looked at them with fresh eyes, I decided to add a little something.

This is my first embroidery. I chose something simple--daisy with a french knot center. It's not perfect--next time I will mark a circle before stitching.

I really don't think they hold a candle to what's in the Bitty Booty Flickr group. Those things are just gorgeous.

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