Monday, April 7, 2008

Clothes for You: Chapter 1

This chapter advocates taking a good, hard, honest look at yourself. Recognize the attractive qualities and the peculiarities. Appreciate your individuality. Don't be a copy cat, but also don't be deliberately eccentric. In order to appear your best, you must know what you've got to work with. It takes real courage to come face to face with your faults.

It is hard to recognize bad points, but they, as well as the good ones, should be recorded. This gives a baseline from which to work and to compare to in the future. It's a good idea to use pictures: in the clothes you currently wear, and a front and side view of your face and head. Age, health, figure traits like posture, weight, proportions, face shape and profile, length of neck, facial features, skin, hair, coloring are all qualities that should be observed. Take into account your likes and dislikes. Good personal grooming is the key to a smart look. People can't be statues, so in moving make sure you avoid irritating mannerisms like an annoying voice, fingernail biting, tapping, swinging feet, fiddling, adjusting undergarments, and biting lips that might mar your appearance. Once these are recorded, you can begin a plan of attack. It will be quite satisfying to know that you're going to improve.

This chapter ends with the following recommended projects:
  1. Make a chart for your plan that includes the noted characteristics
  2. Full-length picture in a tight bathing suit
  3. Picture in an outfit you consider attractive
  4. Record an analysis of yourself on your chart
  5. List your like and dislikes that influence your appearance
  6. Have someone prepare a list of mannerisms and facial expressions that mar your appearance (I would definitely not ask a spouse)
  7. Listen to a recording of your voice and determine qualities to change
  8. Make a score card to score your grooming

Here's an example of a woman after undergoing a thorough personal revamp.

Here's an example of how physical mannerisms car mar your appearance.

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