Saturday, April 5, 2008

For When Your Domestic Diva Comes Out to Play

I, being the post-feminist that I am (or that I at least think I am, as if I even knew what that meant), really did not think aprons were worthy of attention...until I tried one. Not only did it keep food off my clothes when cooking (which I didn't start worrying about until I realized I couldn't afford to just throw them away when they got stained), it's like having a dish towel whenever and wherever you need one. It is also a great way to do a quick dusting when you realize your housekeeping has been slacking (and mine always is).

But do you want to look like this?

I think not!

But thanks to this site, I realize an apron can look like these:

Or like this:

OK--fun and hot! What's not to like? That, and your clothes will stay nice and your hands clean and your countertops and tables are less likely to be dusty.

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