Monday, May 12, 2008

Ball Room Dance Show

My daughter has been taking ball room dancing lessons for over a year now. Here she is with her new partner performing at a nursing home. With a future of competitions ahead of us (if everything works out the way she'd like), I'll definitely need to learn how to sew leotard material and lots and lots of filmy materials. And beads--lets not forget beads.


Summerset said...

What fun! I've got three words for you: hot fix rhinestones! You'll love those things if you get into costume making.

Sasha said...

Very cute! Looks like she really knew her stuff. Also, really pretty dress.

Kim said...

Hot fix rhinstones--got it! You just cannot have enough sparkle when it comes to ballroom dancine.

She works hard! I just fell in love with the dress and had to have it for dancing. The straps are braided!