Saturday, July 19, 2008

All You Can Sew for Children Books

Here are the books "All You Can Sew for Children." They include a number of patterns, all of which are quite vintage in look and feel (which you would expect from books published in 1971). They show the pattern pieces on a grid where each square represents 1 inch. The patterns vary in the sizes provided. Some patterns are strictly for toddlers while others are in the tweens range, no little baby patterns, though some size 1 or 2. Some pieces are understood--they talk about the armhole facing and you need to know that you have to make your own piece for that from the armhole of the top pattern. There are many dresses, an overcoat in each, a bathing suit for preschoolers in the first book, and some outfits for boys. Just cute. I'm going to try a cute little sun outfit for my older daughter. If I have time and clean up the area a bit first!

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