Monday, July 14, 2008

Sharpie Tie-Dye Redefined (Easiest Tie-Dye You'll Ever Do)

I saw this great craft for Sharpie tie-dye from The Crafty Crow. I happened to have everything needed (well, except for the eye dropper). I had the Sharpies, the rubbing alcohol, and some fabric to try it out. If you check out the link and look at the instructions, it says to draw on your fabric with some Sharpie colors. Then center the drawings in the middle of a cup and rubberband around the top of the cup. This keeps the fabric from moving and any dripping alcohol ends up in the cup. Great! Except I wasn't really satisfied with just doing little circles. So I tried something different. This is my result:

I think it looks pretty cool. It's much more like real tie-dye. All I did was place random splotches of Sharpie color in random places all around the fabric. Then I poured enough alcohol on it to saturate the whole thing (really wet with alcohol as you can see from the pic below). Then I scrunched it up and squeezed it a bit. The more you squeeze it the more the color transfers to other areas. I didn't squeeze mine very much because I was OK with the white and didn't want everything to turn brown. That alcohol is strong smelling and I recommend doing it outside. I didn't and I'm still here to tell the tale, but that's just me. I did move it outside to let it dry.

It's a really easy craft. I don't even think the Sharpie color stained my hands.

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